Embed DriveWorks Forms into any WordPress site using one of our custom plugins.

For Integration Theme setup guidance, see our official documentation.
For advanced & custom integrations, see our Web API Examples & Help Files.

Page Block Plugin

Minimum WordPress Version: 5.8 (requires Gutenburg editor)

You can embed a DriveWorks Form quickly using our custom page block.

Preview of block plugin

This block is powered by pre-written JavaScript that uses standard DriveWorks Web API functionality.
It connects to the DriveWorks Integration Theme on your own server to render a Form.

Live Demo


Shortcode Plugin

Minimum WordPress Version: 4.0

You can embed DriveWorks Forms using shortcode added by the “DriveWorks Shortcode – Form Embed” plugin.

[driveworks_embed server_url="https://api.my-site.com" group_alias="myAlias" project_name="myProject"]
[driveworks_embed server_url="https://api.my-site.com" group_alias="myAlias" drive_app_alias="myDriveApp"]

Live Demo


About DriveWorks

DriveWorks software is used by companies to build their own design automation and online 3D sales configurator solution.

Enable engineers, sales teams, distributors and customers to design, engineer and configure to order, on any device.